Rewards Policy

Last Updated: October 24, 2016

The following rewards policy (the ’Rewards Policy’) governs the operations of the CashEnglish (governed under parent company SMATOOS Inc.) reward payout system. This Rewards Policy forms an agreement between CashEnglish and you, so please read this Rewards Policy carefully before using CashEnglish. By using CashEnglish, you agree to be bound by and comply with this Rewards Policy. If you do not agree with this Rewards Policy, your sole recourse is to immediately cease your use of CashEnglish. Neither the Google Play Store nor Android is a sponsor or involved in any way in the remittance and selection of rewards. CashEnglish is solely responsible for providing all prizes and rewards to winners.

Reward Period

Reward winners will be selected weekly. Each eligibility period lasts from Tuesday 0:00:00 - Monday 23:59:59 (UTC). At, and no later than, every Monday at 23:59:59 (UTC), the eligibility period for the current rewards ends.

Reward Types

Every reward period, rewards will be granted to users on the basis of three (3) separate categories, as follows:

  1. Lottery
  2. Weekly Rank
  3. Total Rank

Each category includes its own set of criteria, number of persons awarded, and prize amounts. The user can find the amount of rewards and detailed information in the application. The amount of rewards may change weekly depending on the company’s situations, and when so, changed amount of rewards are announced in advance.


There are lotteries during every reward period in which users are eligible to win cash prizes:

All CashEnglish users are eligible for the lottery draw. Chances of winning are increased as the number of tickets entered into the draw is higher.

All tickets earned by all users will be entered into the lottery at the end of every Reward Period (Every Tuesday at 00:00:00 UTC), and all lottery winners are randomly selected by drawing a lot.

Weekly Rank

During every reward period, all users are also eligible to receive rewards based on their Weekly Rank in the CashEnglish game. When the rewards period is over, all the weekly tickets are reset.

Overall Ranking

During every reward period, all users are also eligible to receive rewards based on their Total Rank (overall rank calculated by lifetime CashEnglish play) in the CashEnglish game.


The minimum age requirement to be eligible for CashEnglish rewards is 5 years.

CashEnglish is available to all users in all countries around the world.

Users will be ineligible to receive any rewards if they are found to violate the Terms of Use and/or Private Policy.

Regarding the Cash Out of rewards, CashEnglish bears no responsibility if any user, for any reason, is unable to claim their Rewards via bank deposit or gift cards.

All users are advised to check the laws governing their country, as well as carefully read the Compliance with local and international laws section, which details that all Rewards may be subject to taxation. CashEnglish claims no liability for reduction in Rewards due to local and international tax regulations regarding the sending and receiving of Rewards.

Process of collecting rewards and cashing out

The Lottery Page can be accessed from the Main Page. If the user taps on the lottery box before a Reward Period ends, a prizes pop-up will appear. This shows the prizes that will be awarded at the end of the current Reward Period (Lottery, Weekly Rank, and Overall Rank).

If the user taps on the lottery box after a Reward Period ends, the lottery screen will appear.

Users will then be directed to open “balls” to check if they won any of the rewards. If a user wins a reward, they will be given directions on how to claim it.

Users may monitor the rewards received at any time by clicking the “My Cash” icon. From here, users can:

  1. Collect their cash winnings
  2. See the history of their past winnings
  3. Cash out their winnings

The top of the My Cash page will display user’s current balance (Balance), money that is currently being processed (Processing), and money that they have already been sent (Cashed Out).

The My Cash page will also display the user’s Win History. This is documentation of current and previous rewards received. If a user has claimed the reward already, the Win History button for that reward disappears. If the reward has not yet been claimed, they will be a button guiding the user to “redeem”

In order to add the reward to their balance, the user MUST write a Winning Message of 50 characters or less, which will be posted on the Mini Winners screen. If the user does not type in their own message, a default message will be posted.

After submitting a Winning Message, the reward is added to the user’s Balance.

To withdraw rewards, the user will click the “Withdraw Cash” button from the My Cash page.

Once the “Withdraw Cash” pop-up window is open, the user can select the amount of cash that they want to withdraw in $10 increments (USD). Each time the user taps on the “+$10” button, $10 dollars will be added from the Balance to the Withdraw window.

The user must have at least $10 in their balance to transfer funds into the Withdraw window. The minimum amount that the user can withdraw is also $10.

Once the user has finished selecting the amount of cash that they want to withdraw, they will can press the “confirm” button. When the confirm button is pressed, another popup window will appear to select “withdraw method.”

From the “withdraw method” pop-up window, the user can choose to withdraw their cash reward via bank deposit or gift card. A minimum of $100 (USD) must be withdrawn for bank deposit. Any amount less than $100 must be redeemed with a gift card.

The user cannot select both bank deposit and gift card for amounts over $100. Only one withdraw method can be selected per withdrawal.

The availability of certain gift cards may change without notice. If the user has already selected a type of gift card that is not available to be sent from CashEnglish, the user will be notified via e-mail to select another gift card to redeem their prize.

CashEnglish is not responsible for finding a substitute gift card in the case that available gift cards are not eligible for use in the user’s respective country. Gift cards also cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded once the gift card has been issued to the user.

The user is responsible for ensuring that their selected gift card is eligible for use in their respective country.

Method(s) of receiving payment

All rewards, excluding the Super Cash Prize Lottery Winner, will be processed within the application’s “My Cash” page. After requesting the redemption of a reward in “My Cash”, the user is responsible for responding to all e-mail correspondence and instructions from CashEnglish to complete the transfer of rewards.

Failure to provide the necessary information regarding withdrawing or/and redemption of the cash prize to CashEnglish via email will result in forfeiture of the reward.

All Super Cash Prize winners will be notified via email by CashEnglish to arrange payment via wire transfer. Super Cash Prize winners are responsible for following instructions via email to receive the cash prize.

Timeline for collecting payment

All rewards must be collected within 1 year from the date that the reward was issued. If a reward is not withdrawn within 1 year of its issued date, the reward will expire and no longer be eligible for redemption.

CashEnglish will not honor expired rewards under any circumstances.

Compliance with local and international laws

In order to receive the prize, the winner must comply with CashEnglish in making arrangements to receive the prize under South Korean law. Full prize amount may be reduced due to tax fees and bank transfer fees. All prize amounts are subject to tax reduction under South Korean law. According to South Korean law, prizes are subject to a 22% tax.

Prize may not be delivered same day, and may take a longer period of time depending on the country of the winner.


Please carefully read this policy. For any further questions or issues, please email . You can expect a reply within the week, unless your concern has already been covered here.